United Group Services

United Process

STEP 1 Partner Analysis

  • Align our values around safety, quality, and service
  • Develop a sound understanding of our partners’ needs and goals
  • Directly engage team members during each phase of the process

STEP 2 Project Value Assessment

  • Uniquely tailor proposals and estimates to each client’s needs and expectations
  • Work directly with owner and design professionals to innovate and provide cost and time-saving solutions
  • Provide solutions through our national network of industry partners, regardless of project size, complexity, or location
  • Provide a hands-on approach by upper management
  • Involve the entire team that will manage/execute the work 
  • Use technology and software to provide efficient and thorough estimating
  • Identify resources by skill and location through “Core Crew,” with the goal of getting the right resources at the right time

STEP 3 Constructability and Planning

  • Offer a technology-driven approach to constructability and planning​
    • Wide array of software and 3D capabilities​
    • Project scanning capabilities​
  • Custom-tailor execution plans for each project​
    • Safety Plan​
    • Quality Plan​
    • Execution Plan​
  • Identify conflicts, design issues, and coordination problems before project mobilization
    • Preventing change before it happens.​
  • Involve clients in constructability and planning

STEP 4 Work Packaging

  • Break down any project into systematic packages
  • Utilize systems through the entire project lifecycle, Estimate -> Planning -> Fabrication -> Installation -> Closeout
    • Process is designed to remove variability from the workforce and reduce waste on the project
    • Keeps leadership engaged with the team and drives productivity
  • Use technology to build, install, and track work packages
  • Provide insight to allow for better planning of resources needed to execute the project

STEP 5 On Demand Progress Updates

  • Track the progress in our fabrication shop in real-time
  • Work packaging structure allows tracking systems to be tailored custom to any project and task
    • We track meaningful tasks that are critical to completion (not just tracking pipe)
  • Flexible systems allow for internal, and customer reporting needs to be met
  • Engage various layers of resources in the tracking process
  • Integrate technology that allows for daily progress updates and verification
  • Track various other components that are required by the project (safety data, manpower data, QC data etc.)
  • Tap into a wide array of software capabilities

STEP 6 Execution

  • Continuously introduce new technology into the workforce to allow for increased leadership and craft engagement and productivity improvement
  • Ensure that the field team gets what it needs when it needs it with the support of the entire organization
  • Provide solutions, not problems
  • Continuously promote and drive training and mentorship of its field leadership and craft workers
    • Promote from within
  • Provide turn-key projects through our various companies, service offerings, and industry partners
  • Staff projects of various sizes and location

STEP 7 Project Closeout

  • Never leave a site “Until every inch of the project is verified to completion”
  • Support the process with various resources with different skill sets and specialties
  • Provide a collaborative approach to turnovers
  • We take a “start from the end approach” with our commissioning and startup process. From the beginning of the project, we want to know what systems they need first to start up a facility.