United Group Services

Our Team

  1. Greg Walton

    Construction Planner

    Meet Greg
  2. Gina Bick

    Human Resource Manager

    Meet Gina
  3. Mark Mosley

    Chairman of the Board

    Meet Mark
  4. Brian Harvey

    Chief Financial Officer

    Meet Brian
  5. Bill Phelps

    President, Innovative Mechanical Systems

    Meet Bill
  6. Dan Freese

    Chief Executive Officer​

    Meet Dan
  7. Austin Wesley

    Director of Marketing

    Meet Austin
  8. Drew Smith

    Quality Control Specialist

    Meet Drew
  9. Kevin Sell

    Core Values Officer

    Meet Kevin
  10. Jerry Hounchell

    Director of Human Relations

    Meet Jerry
  11. Ron Williams

    Corporate Safety Manager

    Meet Ron
  12. Kevin Riggleman

    President, United Group Services

    Meet Kevin
  13. Brian Dennis

    Quality Control Supervisor

    Meet Brian
  14. Steve VanStrien

    General Manager, Northern Kentucky Division

    Meet Steve
  15. Gary Clarke

    General Manager, Small Capital Division

    Meet Gary
  16. Brandon Cross

    General Manager, Insulation/Scaffolding Division

    Meet Brandon
  17. Joe Clarke

    Procurement Manager

    Meet Joe
  18. Troy Norvell

    Chief Operations Officer

    Meet Troy
  19. Chris Hatfield

    Fabrication Foreman

    Meet Chris
  20. Clayton Beiser

    Construction Planner

    Meet Clayton
  21. Kyle Norvell

    HR Generalist

    Meet Kyle
  22. Tony Tirey

    Fabrication Shop Leader

    Meet Tony
  23. Mike Hucke

    Project Manager/Estimator, Innovative Mechanical Systems

    Meet Mike
  24. Tyler Jones

    Project Controls Manager

    Meet Tyler
  25. Matt Lykins

    Chief Estimator

    Meet Matt
  26. Mary Ruiz

    Construction Coordinator

    Meet Mary
  27. Matt Mofield

    Construction Planning Supervisor

    Meet Matt