United Group Services

SCS Energy – Renewable Natural Gas Production Facility

Project overview

SCS Energy extracts the methane gas that is produced by decomposition and turns it into a usable form of energy. They are a key component in maintaining our planet’s sustainability, while still promoting energy use. They needed a new RNG facility at the same landfill site as their previous energy generation plant. With years of experience working in the alternative fuel industry, United Group Services was the clear choice for this project.


This project had to be completed on a very tight schedule (4-5 months). For most contracting companies, that would be an extremely big ask. Fortunately, United Group Services is very experienced with innovative solutions on a close timeline.


United Group Services built a brand new facility at the landfill site that replaced the previous facility so that the out-of-date facility could be shut down. The new facility allows for more efficient production, increasing revenue for the client. United Group Services was chosen for this project because of our capabilities, reputation for adhering to project schedules, as well as our stellar reputation in the RNG market. SCS Energy knew we were the best contractor for the job, and they were not disappointed. We completed this large-scale project in 4.5 months.

Project Lead

Gary Clarke

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