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Nucor – Interconnect

Project overview

At Nucor, large scale equipment upgrades were needed to improve machine efficiency and produce a higher quality product. This included laser focused projection scheduling that needed to be aligned with Nucor’s production schedule. With a partnership that spans 20 years, Nucor knew that trusting United Group Services’ years of expertise was the best way forward.


The planned adjustments to the existing equipment would be a monumental undertaking. Large scale modifications were needed, and Nucor needed someone with the experience to not only perform the work in five separate areas of operation, but to perfectly align all planned activities with Nucor’s construction team. The construction included connecting existing piping systems to newly installed equipment. Work sequencing revolved around planned “down days” to allow for construction to take place without disrupting the steel mill’s production.


United Group Services loves a challenge, and tackled this one by installing another coiler. This allows Nucor to roll steel much faster, which will improve their production times and bottom line. United Group Services also handled re-piping the existing equipment, and fabricated and installed new utility piping that feeds into the newly updated equipment. United also created a unit price based contract, due to the incomplete engineering at the time of the award. This contract structure, along with precision “units installed” progress tracking, provided Nucor with complete visibility of project status and completion dates. The team also installed a new furnace ensuring that more steel can be made at a faster rate, once again improving production times, and increasing Nucor’s revenue.

Project Lead

Steve VanStrien

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