United Group Services

Gorilla Glue – Steam and Condensate Piping Installation

Project overview

Gorilla Glue, a common and well-known adhesive, needed the construction expertise and product “know-how” of United Group Services to install and hook up manufacturing equipment for a new product.


Concepts and design were 75% complete by the time United Group Services was brought on board, but some assistance in the final steps and execution was needed. Because of United Group Service’s experience assisting clients with the installation of top-of-the-line consumer production lines, we were the perfect fit to complete this project.


The team at Gorilla Glue hired United Group Services because of its competitive pricing and reputation for safety, quality, and service. In the process, UGS installed steam and condensate piping, caustic piping, city water, glycerin, cooling tower, and chilled glycol piping. By working alongside engineers at Gorilla Glue, the project was completed safely and ahead of schedule.

Project Lead