United Group Services

LG&E – Fly-Ash Project


United Group Services knew there would be challenges when accepting this project as an EPC firm. However, our ability to work closely with subcontractors and suppliers through effective communication, innovation and flexibility enabled us to successfully complete this project on time and within budget.


One of the main challenges was the geographical location. The project took place on the Ohio River, which required crews to consistently monitor water levels, water currents and the work hours of the marine crew. At times, river levels would quickly rise, thereby impeding access to dock areas. They were also restricted to working during daylight hours. To reduce downtime, the team adjusted by moving to other work areas and operating under a staggered schedule.


By making adjustments, the team was able to optimize the river lift schedule, which included 25 lifts with weights ranging from 2-25 tons. We also produced significant time and budget savings by the planned pre-assembly of critical projects. Without pre-assembly, more than 200 lifts and an additional month would have been required.

Recommendation to ABC for the Excellence in Construction Award:

It is my understanding that this process involves the evaluation of scope, training, safety, quality, workforce development, and project delivery. We are very satisfied with their performance and this project is a perfect example of what ABC should consider when recognizing member achievement.

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