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City Club Apartment Project


IMech is playing a vital role in the City Club Apartment Project, a unique renovation project situated on 4th Street in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. This historic building, once the 5th tallest in the world when constructed in 1913, is now being transformed into a high-end residential space featuring over 225 upscale apartments. With its iconic PNC logo overlooking Paycor Stadium and the Ohio River, the renovated building will also house a range of modern amenities, including 1st-floor retail, a rooftop pool and lounge area, a fitness center, and various spaces dedicated to work and leisure.


The project posed several construction challenges that required IMech’s expertise to overcome. One major obstacle was the installation of new central duct systems, serving all 31 levels through new and existing risers. This demanded careful planning to ensure the HVAC system operated effectively throughout the building. Additionally, the logistics of accessing different levels for material distribution and manpower posed a logistical puzzle. To further complicate matters, the project operated on a tight schedule, requiring careful coordination as some floors underwent demolition while others were in the final finishing stages.


IMech’s team rose to the occasion, demonstrating their capability in finding effective solutions. They leveraged their extensive experience in construction and HVAC systems to create a meticulous plan for the installation of central ducts, ensuring proper ventilation and climate control throughout the building. IMech’s logistics team ensured that materials were delivered smoothly and workers were deployed effectively across all levels. Their exceptional project management skills helped them navigate the demanding schedule, ensuring that each phase of the project progressed smoothly and on time. As the project nears completion, IMech’s contributions have set the stage for a luxurious living experience that residents will enjoy for years to come. Congratulations to the entire IMech team for their outstanding work on this remarkable renovation project!

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