United Group Services

Chevron Blending – Piggable Piping System

Project overview

This local Louisville facility, a blending plant for Chevrons lubrication division, takes multiple oils and blends them to meet client specifications for cars and engines. The existing facility needed to be updated to meet modern standards and codes. United Group Services was hired as the piping fabrication and installation partner for this critical and necessary upgrade.


The existing facility was 30 years old and was outdated, inefficient and beginning to fail. By modern production standards, it desperately needed updated piping and equipment, presenting United Group Services with a formidable challenge.


United Group Services installed over 17,000 feet of a piggable piping system in the plant, whereby a single production line is used for conveying different grades of product. After a run, it is cleaned with the “pig,” a cleaning element, which permits an ongoing transfer of different grades of products. The pig is inserted into the system and run from one end to the other, cleaning the entire pipe system. This creates the ability to run another batch of oil more quickly without contamination issues. United Group Services is honored to have played a role in the Chevron upgrade.