United Group Services

Austin Powder – PETN Facility

Project overview

Austin Powder was purchasing a significant amount of material from direct competitors in order to make their own product. In order to eliminate unnecessary overhead, a new facility was needed, including two new production plants, a new boiler house and water treatment plant. With years of expertise in the chemical industry, United Group Services was the clear choice for the project.


The work called for a significant amount of glass piping to be created, which is an extremely delicate process that requires closely supervised precision work. Even one dropped bolt can shatter a large amount of glass, causing the entire project to be scrapped. Fortunately, United Group Services has a team of experts that specialize in this type of work.


In order to ensure that all glass piping could be handled safely, United Group Services ran a 3D scan of the tank farm, then had the piping fabricated using the completed scan.

United Group Services was also chosen for the work because of its extensive experience working with chemicals, and moving them from one location to another. In the process, the installation of process piping, structural steel, equipment setting and other necessary tasks were carried out to exact industry standards by UGS. A wastewater facility was also constructed.

Project Lead

Tyler Jones

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