United Group Services

American Synthetic Rubber Company – 7XXX

Project Overview

As the producer of a vital polymer needed for Michelin tires, this owner need to update their lines as well as make production changes to extend the life of their product. With years of experience working with production lines, as well as innovating new and creative materials, United Group Services was the clear choice for the job.


The existing line was deteriorating, and presented a more complex set of challenges than a regularly scheduled update. The owner also needed to identify new and better materials that would extend the life of their system. Given that their product goes to the Michelin Tire Company, quality control was crucial.


United Group Services worked alongside the owner’s engineers to solve the problem of the deteriorating line by installing a stainless steel Duplex line from one side of the plant to the other. The new line ran to their manufacturing line, where the plant’s mold product is created. United Group Services updated their material to the Duplex line (an exotic, high-grade stainless steel) in order to ensure a longer lifespan than the original system.

Project Lead