United Group Services

Alkermes – EGC – FL1 HVAC Update

Project overview

When one of the Alkermes pharmaceutical facilities was in need of a new HVAC system, they relied upon their partner at United Group Services to get the job done. UGS is experienced and equipped at getting large-scale facility HVAC systems up and running. It also needed to be done in a hurry, as a malfunctioning HVAC system could have serious impacts on production.


The current HVAC system wasn’t providing the air quality and filtration needed. While reaching this part of the plant was a challenge, United Group Services leaned upon its decades of experience to ensure a quick solution to this problem, and did not disappoint.


United Group Services worked alongside EGC to redesign and install a large HVAC system within an operating facility. UGS installed all of the chilled glycol piping, set the pumps and tank, and provided insulation. This ensured that the HVAC system provided better air quality and filtration throughout the facility, improving the quality of the working environment for employees.

Project Lead