United Group Services

Procter & Gamble – LEAN Construction

Project Overview

United Group Services has been working with Procter & Gamble since 1986, and has worked at the Lima site for 18 years, installing multiple capital projects and improvements. We strive to offer our customers the highest safety and quality in the most cost-effective manner.


In 2016, the Lima Plant decided to move to a LEAN construction process to minimize upfront engineering time and costs and utilize the site contractors experience to move projects along safer, faster, and at a lower cost. In 2018, we were asked to perform our first IBC (Incentive-Based Contract) project.


For that first LEAN/IBC project, UGS partnered with P&G, Stork, and an electrical contractor in an Incentive-Based Contract, where we would all share the wins and losses that would occur in the project. We used minimal engineering and let the construction team drive the design and planning effort. We also generated Target Value Estimates at an early stage to secure funding and set the budget. We met multiple times in Collaborative Design Sessions to discuss and come up with ideas to improve the installation in the safest and most cost-effective manner. The project was a great success, and we decided to utilize the method on other upcoming projects.

Since that project, virtually all construction at the P&G Lima Plant is conducted using LEAN tools. Some projects use the Incentive-Based Contract when suitable, but all use collaboration between P&G, Stork, engineering, and all of the involved contractors. This has gained lower up-front costs and faster, safer, and cost-effective installations.

All crafts meet daily to coordinate activities and use online, real-time scheduling software for upcoming activities. There are weekly meetings to discuss and solve issues, review schedule, and lock two-week look ahead activities. UGS has been pivotal in using new technologies, collaborating with the customer, construction management and other trades, and coordinating day-to-day to ensure safe, fast, quality installations and assist in the overall success of the projects.