United Group Services

Exciting Experiences at Family Safety Day

Happy smiles abounded at United Group Services during our second annual Family Safety Day. We organized the event to give our employees’ children an inside look at what their parents do every day. It also provided an opportunity to educate them on proper safety practices at the workplace and at home. We’re intent on creating a comprehensive approach to safety, so we embraced the chance to have fun while interactively informing our families about various safety topics.

Family Safety Day included virtual welding simulations and hands-on stations. This is an exciting event for kids of all ages because they get to see and experience what their parents do. Up close experiences are remembered for a lifetime. Learning about fall protection and confined spaces teach people about their bravery and resourcefulness. Observing and practicing light medical skills like CPR and AED use creates a sense of capability in the face of emergencies. Knowledge of lifts and overhead cranes creates a sense of awe and admiration for mechanical and technical equipment. And when you learn to do these activities in a supportive environment, you respect proper procedures and learn to practice all of your activities with safety in mind. That’s our goal.

“Setting the standard” is more than a catchphrase for us. It’s a core focus in everything we do – on the job site, in our offices, and for our employees. That’s why we know that we have to share our safety mindset with our whole team, including our families. If we set the standard in safety now, and show our children, then we know we’re helping the future generation of problem-solvers to grow up with an appreciation for sound practices in everything they do.

We’re showing kids and families that their environment is fun and secure when proper safety techniques are used. We know that by ensuring people see caution and respect as part of a work environment that they grow up to regard proper work procedures. They enjoy trustworthy approaches to solving problems and finding solutions. We’re proud of our safety culture and love sharing that with our employees and their families. Your family is our family. We’re in this together.