...first industrial mechanical contractor in the nation to be awarded 'VPPC STAR' status...

The UGS 'standard of excellence' in Safety is earned by a dedicated and conscientious effort at all levels of our organization. This dedication to Safety was recognized by OSHA in 2005 when UGS was designated as the first industrial mechanical contractor in the nation to be awarded 'VPPC STAR' status; A designation we maintain to this day. Our motto is: Safety starts with an 'S' but at United it begins with 'U' (YOU). Our individual employee monitors and maintains the integrity of our Safety Program. Everyone on staff serves as a safety enforcement officer. Our organization includes a Safety Director who oversees an expanding team of Safety Inspectors. In addition, they oversee an extensive Safety training program headed by our 'Zero Tolerance' approach to project Safety.

Program Highlights
  • Full Integration of GHS and Subpart CC in 2012
  • All UGS Foreman are required to have OSHA 30-hr Training
  • All UGS Field Employees are required to have OSHA 10-hr Training
  • Hexavalent Chromium Compliant (Interim/Standing)
  • Comprehensive Safety Staff
    • One Corporate Safety Director (Officer Level - Corporate)
    • One Corporate Safety Manager/Inspector (mobile for site visits)
    • Four 'site-based' Safety Inspectors
    • Three 'mobile' Safety Inspectors
    • Two OSHA SGEs (Special Government Employees)
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